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Chiva Coffee

Always searching for interesting coffees that make our hearts skip beats and give goose bumps.

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What we want to do with coffee

Chiva Coffee is a project started from an interest in coffee and the various flavours we can find in this marvellous seed.

From the first time behind the machine to first tasting natural processed coffees an interest was born to discover amazing flavours in coffee.

From various origins, varieties and processing methods we want to explore the world of flavour that can be found in coffee beans.

So when we are looking for coffees to purchase and roast we look for something that makes us feel excitement. We never know what we find along the way so we keep our eyes and taste buds ready.

When you buy great green coffee, don't mess up the roast and give a fuck when preparing a cup you can't help but to make something delicious.

​For our non coffee consuming friends we do serve amazing matcha, heart warming chai and some tea as well. 

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Opening Hours

Come by for beans, brews or chin wagging

Monday  - Sunday: 9:00 ish - 17:00 ish

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