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Introduction into specialty coffee

During this workshop we will go through the basics of specialty coffee.

The workshop takes around 3 hours split into 3 parts.

The first part covers the history of coffee and how it evolved to the specialty coffee of today. We will also go through a coffee tasting to compare coffee origins and roast levels.

The second part covers espresso, so what makes espresso the magical tiny drink that it is. How to prepare a shot of espresso and to fine tune it to taste.

The last part will cover milk, steaming and texturing techniques and basic latte art.

At the end you'll have a better understanding of all the moving parts of specialty coffee, from the plant to the cup. And you'll go home with a new appreciation of coffee and a bag of beans to play around with at home.

Workshops will be given at the pop-up espressobar located in the Made Conceptstore at Noordeinde 109a in The Hague.

The price is 65€ per person.

The maximum group size is 4 people, as to give everyone enough time to practice with the machine.

You can contact us through the contact form to arrange the workshop.

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