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Sometimes you crave more coffee than your cafeine tolerance can handle, for these occacions we have a delicious decaf.

Death before decaf is no longer a "thing" nowadays delicious green coffees are available as a decaf as well.


The coffees we present in this profile have been decafeinated though different methods, through liquid carbondioxide, Swiss water decaf or sugarcane decaf processes.

These methods take out almost all of the caffeine and leaves the tasty flavours behind.

This way no matter the time or your tolerance you can enjoy a tasty brew.


The bag of coffee you will receive will be in the flavour profile you order, however the specific coffee and flavours will change with the times and whats available. If you don't want to be surprised feel free to ask us what we have in stock and we'll be happy to answer!


Available in 250 gram bags.

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